Tuesday, December 13, 2005

$150 Face Spray

Christmas shopping I found myself at a cosmetics counter. My eyes were drawn to a display with small cans of aerosol spray that were priced at $150. The cans appeared to be abour 4 or 5 ounces. The spray was some sort of "age defying" concoction that promised results in no more than 3 days. The sign said this stuff "rivals Botox" in it's ability to make you appear younger. They had a "tester". I deduced that at $150 a can, even a "test spray" of this stuff would be worth five bucks. I thought about trying it for a moment - maybe come back three days in a row - to see if I saw marked improvement. Just as I was reaching for the can, a saleswoman approached. "May I help you?" All I was able to blurt out was, "$150 a can???" She said "Yes" and went on to extol the virtues of this magic liquid in the can. I thought (but did not say out loud) she'd have to sell me the stuff naked - for me to spend $150. I thought fast. Last week I was asked how old I was when purchasing a pack of cigarettes. They key the age in for verification. I asked the cigarette lady how old I looked. She thought for a moment and said, "32?" I said "That's it! You got it exactly. (She was quite low.) I decide now to ask the lady with the $150 super spray the same question. I figure she's going to say once again a low number. Confidently I ask, "How old do I look?" She says, "Uhhhh......52?" It was at that moment I realized I was dealing with a very very very good salesperson. I'm sure when training to sell $150 cans of age defying spray, the salespeople are instructed to add 20 years when asked to guess a customers age. Yeah, that's it. That's gotta be it.