Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dave Barry, Bob Greene & Shoveling Snow

Already this thing is sounding like a Dave Barry or Bob Greene column. They rant about tivial stuff - and are considered fantastic writers. I realize now, they just pick something and let their thoughts flow out their fingertips. Jeez. maybe I should've done this all along. Maybe when Andy Rooney dies, I can do the last 2 minutes of 60 Minutes.

I'm thinking about Christmas Lights, straws & shoveling snow. Which to do first? Let's say......shoveling snow.

I don't shovel snow. I don't have a 10 horse snowblower. I have 2 shovels and a 17 year old son. I used to have more shoveling staff, but the others moved out. I'm left with an unenthusiastic shoveler. I don't blame him. I look at shoveling snow like Kellie looks at watering plants. Leave a plant alone long enough and it'll rain on it. I believe: leave a driveway alone long enough and it'll melt. I see neighbors working all hours to rid their driveways of any hint of snow. I'm watching from inside though a window holding a hot coffee. They appear miserable, while I feel quite warm & cozy. I feel no real guilt. My hatred of shoveling goes back to when my Dad coaxed me outside to shovel his driveway. I did it simply to please him. Now, years later, I'm the Dad, and I'm passing on the tradition of making a young person shovel my driveway. That's it. It's long standing tradition. Maybe my son will buy the explanation. Doesn't really matter - it'll melt on it's own - eventually.