Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Falling down

There is nothing sadder than a person over about 25 years old - falling down. Be it tripping over something, or slipping in the snow, it's that face down, soles of shoes in the air - picture I can't get out of my mind. Some of the saddest moments I've ever experienced were with loved ones who went down - hard. Somehow you feel that maybe if you'd been in better position - you may have caught them. They might have been relying on you to "spot them' - and you failed miserably. Some people take joy in others crashing & burning. Take America's Funniest Home Videos for example. This shows been on over 20 years and had handsome ratings and revenue the whole time - with one sole purpose. The exploitation of people falling down. I put the age of "falling down sadness" at 25 because even I enjoy seeing children & teenagers fall down. I especially delight in seeing smart ass, goth, tattooed, pierced teenagers fall down. This is the best. As this winter gets underway and walkways become slippery, thoughtfully consider your position on falling down - and if you assume the role of "spotter", remember - someone is relying on you.