Saturday, December 10, 2005


Coke. I mean soda. You might say "sodie". I can't drink it anymore. Well I can, but it's gotta be diet. Diet? Right. I've had it with the whole high fructose corn syrup thing. In the old days Coke was chock full of real tooth destroying sugar. It tasted different. Why on Earth can't a soda company sell real sugar soda? These companies are under attack from health advocates claiming we ingest over 50 teaspoons of sugar a day already. America's fat enough already they say. 50 teaspoons? Not me. I'm overweight and I did it the old fashioned way. Grease! Nothing cuts grease like an old fashioned sugary soda, and I'm not given the option of purchasing it. While I'm at it, I want my Coke in a glass bottle too. Not that little 6 ounce job Coke rolls out at Christmas - I want the big 16 ounce glass Coke bottle back - in the big 8 pack. I'll pay the deposit on the bottles. I'll dig out my old bottle opener and enjoy soda the way it was intended. CRUSHED ICE WITH A STRAW - but hey - I'm a dreamer.