Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blue, Pink & Yellow

I'm blue. Rarely pink. Yellow in a pinch. My quest for blue began about 1991 when I sweetened an iced tea with it. It was the best iced tea I'd had up to that point in my life.

Blue, of course is Nutra-Sweet or Natra-Taste or any of the brand names for aspartame. It appears over time your body craves more & more little blue packets - until the number you desire is too many to rip open at once. It's like trying to tear through a little phone book. You must scale back and tear open only half. I've never had that problem with pink. Those, you just use one at a time, no matter what you're sweetening. There have been times I've used 10 blues at once. I'll take a fresh iced tea made with clean crisp water, full of pristine ice, and top off the glass with a quarter cup of my favorite chemical. I trust the scientists involved with the discovery of blue, tested it rigorously. I have faith the FDA ran their own independent tests. In the nearly 15 years since my discovery of blue, my love has turned to dependence, and I want to believe I'm not harming my body. I don't know for sure how safe blue really is, that's why I just used the words "trust & faith". Tea, coffee, cereal - it's just gotta be blue. Restaurants should take note that there are others like me - and before we order drinks we check the little sweetener box looking for the coveted blue. It's high time bitter, stupid, dangerous, cancer in lab animals - pink - go away. Yellow? Why - as long as there's blue.