Thursday, December 15, 2005

Change your shoes stupid

It's wet. It's cold. There's snow on the ground and there's a windchill. I know what you're thinking. "Man, my feet are cold". Your feelings are correct - your feet ARE cold. It's December for crying out loud - and you have on the wrong shoes. You are wearing the same shoes you wear all year long. You may have 30 pairs of shoes - but rarely does anyone have December appropriate shoes. Most these days wear "tennis shoes". You can't even play tennis, but hey - the shoes look cool. Thin, lace up, canvas shoes. No insulation whatsoever - and get 'em wet - hell - they'll be wet all day. Tennis shoes are the last shoe any right thinking person would wear into snow, but look around. Tennis shoes make up 50% of the "Stupid December Shoe Wearers". Next, there are the "Dress shoe people". These are men & women who wear stylish, mostly leather shoes. These shoes are the pumps & loafers. Business shoes for mostly business people. Leather too has an almost sponge like quality when it comes to water, and poor insulation. "Dress shoe people" make up 40% of the "Stupid December Shoe Wearers". The remaining 10% of the "SDSW's" believe they ARE wearing the appropriate shoe - but they are not. They are wearing UGGS or anything with a fake fur trim around the calf. These are waaaaay more stylish than anything really made to wear in cold weather. Paris Hilton wears these when it hits 60 in California. This should give you an idea to their effectiveness in cold.
WHY do we wear the wrong shoes? Because we're obsessed with "looking cool" - and there's nothing cool about Gortex,waterproof, thermalite insulated, lace up, seam sealed Hiking Boots.
Nothing cool about 'em at all.


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PSW said...

The Kids are concerned with looking cool. The only way they'll learn is through a cold, but even then it's a tough sell.

Anonymous said...