Monday, December 12, 2005

Barry White loved Christmas

Barry White loved Christmas. He had to. He loved love. Every single person my age knows about Barry White. He inspired love, he gave love, he made love, hell, some of you were conceived to Barry White music. Why on Earth didn't Barry White record a Christmas album! Mariah Carey did, so did Celine Dion. Elvis, The Beach Boys - even Barbra Streisand did a Christmas album - and she's Jewish. For the love of God & all things Holy, why didn't Barry White do a Christmas Album? You can hear it in your head. Barrys golden tones being backed by a lush orchestra. The album likely would have been called "Panty Claus" (Kellie gave me that name.) I bet he planned on eventually getting around to it. But, Barry made so much love he died - stealing from us all the ultimate Christmas album.