Friday, December 16, 2005

Santa's helpers

In a little more than a week, Santa will arrive by sleigh, jump down the chimney, and deliver toys to little boys and girls. But his thousands of helpers are already delivering gifts to adult boys and girls. Take a moment today (and this weekend) to thank the "Santa's Helper" in your world.
The UPS guy - dressed in his brown uniform - is a Santa Helper. So is the FedEx delivery person and U.S letter carrier. They arrive at your office or home with Christmas gifts every single day. This time of year, their job is extra hazardous. Heavier loads and some shifts last late into the night in order to get your Christmas items to you. Most can't go home until every package is delivered. Give them thanks.
Despite the crush in the stores, cashiers are working extra - long hours to keep the lines moving. Give them thanks. The holidays can be stressful enough without pushy people. Try not to join the ugly fray, and give thanks to those people who help deliver the holiday spirit.