Monday, December 19, 2005

Why do we have to wrap everything?

Would you like that gift wrapped? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! I would. What I wanna know is, WHY? Why do we feel obligated to wrap presents? Geez, we could just hide them. On TV, the diamond commercials & car commercials lead us to believe we can just give them their gift in the front yard - and the recipient will melt into your arms. Wrapping is laborious, messy & difficult at best. Often the best laid wrapping plans are foiled by an odd shaped gift. The roll of paper always runs out with one more inch needed, and hey - where's the tape? It's just too much to mess with on this - the busiest week of the year. Let's just mail everything. Really. Box it up - and send it away. People visiting from out of town will be grateful thet they don't have to check your present as baggage on American Airlines. We'd be more inclined to buy large gifts. We might buy more odd shaped gifts. People will get more fishing poles. Wrap a fishing pole, and deny it looks like a wrapped fishing pole. Ever wrap a present and tear virtually all the paper off it - simply moving it to beneath the tree? Mail. It's the only way. Gift bags? Someone was on the right track with these, but stopped short of the real solution. Place the big brown boxes you get in the mail - under the tree - and come Christmas morning know someone finally got it right. You.