Thursday, February 16, 2006

The $368 Million Powerball jackpot DIVIDED UP!

For the world to see.

How I would split the $368 million jackpot.

These people that take the "lump sum" are idiots. Jeez, take all the money you can. Even if you didn't expect to live 20 years - your heirs will thank you.

I am married. Here is my breakdown. 5 kids, 2 sets of parents, 6 total siblings on both sides, a wife, ex wife & 2 ex husbands. Each will get $10 million. Save two. The ex wife & the first ex husband. The second ex husband is a pretty good guy and makes the $10 million list.

For the record, over the years I've gone into lifelong promise pacts with several people. Should any of us ever win a considerable amount of money - they'd get a share. In this case, not a full share - just a cool $1 million. The short list includes, Ed Coyle/Dallas Texas & Bob Murray/Decatur Illinois. Maybe I promised more people I'd share with them - I just don't recall - and that my friend holds up in court.

My wife undoubtedly has made similar arrangements with countless people - who will come forward upon the news of the big win. We'll hire lawyers to handle that.

After taxes, I want the rest - to spend foolishly. Reach me by cell phone. I'll be on the road in my $2.9 million motorhome.