Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Local TV News behind the scenes

Media Consultants. They know it all. They advise television newsrooms & newspeople. The hopes are for higher ratings. Often the advice is good and the anchors go on to real stardom. Consultants tell these people we see on TV - how to dress, how to wear their hair, lose a few pounds and shave off that moustache. They tell them how to hold their hands, which side is their "good side", stop doing that "funny thing" with your eyebrows & get your teeth whitened. They help the TV talent learn to write a better story & how to tell a better story. How to write & tell a story. That should be most important - but often it's not. Sometimes the advice the consultants give the media companies is so miniscule - you'll never really notice. Sometimes it's glaringly obvious. Case in point: WICS-TV 20.
Recently the anchors have been told how to sit at the desk. That's right. they were improperly sitting. They were facing the right direction. They were looking into the camera's - but they needed to do this magic thing - this one particular thing - that just might push WICS-TV News over the top.
The anchors were told to lean toward each other. See for yourself these two adult anchorpeople leaning in at 30 degree angles toward each other. They almost form a triangle. They're so close they can probably smell one anothers breath. "Look for the the Newschannel Leaning Anchors @ Noon, 5, 6 & 10."

Why - is the question. I imagine the consultants feel this makes the anchors appear to like one another.