Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Your dog barks in a regional dialect.

Scientists have recently confirmed a couple of things. Men & Women are attracted to people that look like they do. This explains why after several years of matrimony all married couples end up looking like each other. Same goes for cats & dogs. Pets eventually begin to look like their owners. Science backs this up.

New British research suggests DOGS BARK IN REGIONAL ACCENTS. Dogs of the same breed, raised in different regions - with unique dialects - begin to bark like their owner speaks. The scientists offer just this. The dogs may be trying to bond with their owners by mimicking their speech patterns.

I'm sure follow up research will compare California dogs (woof - dude) to Texas dogs (woof - y'all.) North Carolina dogs will be found to bark like Nascar drivers, and Massachusetts dogs will bark in a stuffy way down their nose at you. Florida dogs will sound Cuban or Jewish depending on the owner. Wisconsin dogs will bark "Ruff - Ya."

Of course you don't believe you have an accent. Listen closely to your dog. If it barks, "Whoof - ah - so", it's likely you're Chinese.