Friday, February 10, 2006

A Man sounds off on Valentines Day

It's pressure, plain & simple. It's stress. It's a lofty hard to achieve goal. The mission: be unpredictable - yet romantic on Valentines Day. We love these women. They have enriched our lives. The ball is in our romantic court. Society made it this way. Actual figures show men out spend women nearly 2-1 on Valentines Day. The images from magazines & television are almost impossible to re-create. On TV she melts at the sight of the $99 necklace from Zales. $99 necklace? I guess he doesn't love her much. Irony is - if he spends $5000 (her worth) she'll make him return it - because she wants new furniture.
This is the same pressure the President feels. It's called "measured response" in Washington. Men have to instinctively gauge what to do & how much to spend.
This is why men break down. We freeze. Nothing is good enough. No gift is just right. No flowers are beautiful enough. No candy sweet enough. No diamond big enough. No perfume smells right. No restaurant can measure up. No card says the appropriate thing.

But we trudge on - because we love that woman. We'll make mistakes. Forgive us - forgive us all - we know not what we do.