Monday, February 06, 2006

How about a new Church?

The "FIRST CHURCH OF THE SEATED!" I attend a Presbyterian Church. We have a beautiful service each Sunday. After many years sleeping in on Sundays - I've resumed regular attendance. I sing & pray. I give more than my share to the collection plate. I stand & sit. I stand & sit. I stand up - then sit down. Is it just Presbyterians that stand & sit & stand & sit & stand & sit??? I love my God, I want to show the respect he deserves - but is all this standing & sitting necessary? How about we stand just once - and do all the "standing business" at that time? Up & down. "THE FIRST CHURCH OF THE SEATED" - can be a Church where you will be seated - and remain that way until it's time to stand and leave. I can pray seated. I can sing seated. I can give generously to the Church from a seated position. I know I'm not alone on my thoughts about this repeated standing & sitting. While we're at it - Churches in general could make the pews a little more comfortable. When I am seated - it's on a puny 1/2 inch pad - placed atop a giant Mahogany pew. I might as well sit on a concrete slab.
"Oh, that Brian's a complainer!" That's not it at all. I just want to open eyes to new possibilities and start a dialogue. These ideas aren't sacrilegious. Jesus suffered for me. Is it necessary we suffer in return? I look at these ideas as progressive. Jesus is in my heart. I don't think he'd mind if I praised his name while comfortably seated in the front row at the 'FIRST CHURCH OF THE SEATED" - listening to the Rev. Richard Bottoms sermon.


Anonymous said...

Pray by the seat of your pants!

Jesus said...

The back doors always unlocked at....TFCOTS

no wimp said...

As my sainted mother used to say, "AW kwitcher b***in'", try the Catholic church - there you sit, stand and KNEEL! There's even a parade to the front to get communion - no wimpy passing it out in the pews - pews, by the way, that have NO pads.