Monday, February 27, 2006

I'd like to BE Denny Crane

Denny Crane. William Shatners character on ABC-TV's Boston Legal. Dennys an over the hill attorney. Past his prime, losing his mind - but it's been made clear - he was once brilliant. He's obviously a millionaire. He has name recognition in the legal community. He's the best dressed man in the history of television. This isn't Bill Shatners decision. The wardrobe people are defining this character by his outstanding sharp dress.

I've always wanted to wear $5000 suits. I want $500 ties and $2000 shoes. I want $400 shirts and $600 belts. I'd top it off with a $20,000 watch and $300 hair-cut. Denny Crane has all this, and I notice. These aren't just nice looking clothes he's wearing. Denny Crane is wearing the highest end menswear ever broadcast on television. I love it. I like the character more because of it. I want to BE Denny Crane. And there lies my only problem.

My God. The man I wanna be, the man I wanna look like, the man I've made my idol, the man I emulate - is 75 years old.


Your Daughter said...

Sheesh dad - you wanna be that 75 yr old? Talk about cuckoo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Brian wants to bag a green babe?

Phasers on stun!

Debbie said...

Bri, You ARE Denny Crane. Just younger with less expensive clothes. You have both lost your minds, and are being stalked by older women.

Anonymous said...