Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I made the house smell bad

I love to cook. I did something very bad last night. I set out to make a "Shepherds Pie". I went on-line to snag a recipe. I shopped for the ingredients. I made this concoction per the recipe. Something went terribly wrong.

I spelled "Shepherds" - wrong. When I Googled the recipe, I spelled it "Sheppard." Many recipes came up. ALL of them were slightly different. When I get several versions of something I want to prepare, often I take a "consensus" of the recipes. If a majority of the recipes call for something in particular, I'll put it in. Virtually each recipe I saw included corn & peas. Most contained celery. I followed the instructions - and what I served - smelled like feet. Really bad. Funny though, it tasted OK - just smelled bad. Not a single person commented on the smell. Maybe they couldn't smell it - but I sure could. We ate it, and saved the leftovers. I dread going home from work today, because I fear the smell has escaped the refrigerator and has engulfed the house.

I'll try this again. Next time I'll spell it right. The recipes I get with the correct spelling are nothing like what ever it is I made. There are no peas, corn or celery. There's beef broth, onion, ketchup & cream. Sounds good. Smells better - I hope.