Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Eyeglasses are a ripoff.

I've worn glasses since first grade. I'll never forget the first time I wore them to school. I was the first kid in my class that wore glasses. I looked like a little Drew Carey. Over the years I wore them less & less. BUT, I MUST have glasses to read anything. I can drive a car (I pass the eye test) - I can watch TV - I can do almost anything - but read - without glasses. I've owned too many pairs of glasses to count. They cost me thousands of dollars. In the old days glasses were more "sturdy". Glasses in the 60's & 70's didn't seem to fall apart like glasses do today. Maybe fashion is the problem. As frames become thinner - glasses become more fragile. It's getting to the point glasses self destruct in about a year. The screws begin to fall out and the lenses pop out. We screw them back together - but after that first time your glasses come apart - they're never the same. Your glasses have passed their 'expiration date."

The last professionally fitted glasses I bought cost $450. I was willing to wait "longer than an hour" - and pay for quality. The glasses DID last longer than a year. They lasted TWO years - then fell apart. Recently, I threw in the towel.
This last pair were bifocals. I often found myself just using the bottom bifocal portion of the lens. This was the part of the lens that made everything appear huge. "Man! Look at the size of that piece of Pie!" The pie size was normal - it's my lenses that made it appear the size of a hubcap.
On a whim - I purchased a pair of $12 reading glasses at a Wal Mart. I'm not one to suggest - "Trust the eye experts at Wal Mart." BUT - they were GREAT! I still only wear them to read - and now own about 5 pairs. if I accidently sit on a pair - no big deal - I just have $12 invested. One pair, I bought for a dollar. I'll never spend more than $15 on a pair of glasses ever again in my life. If you haven't investigated for yourself that little display in Walgreens or Wal Mart or Target (they're everywhere) - you're missing out.

I'm no eye doctor. I'm a dude wearing cheap glasses he bought off a rack. I can see as well now -than ever. If you spot me in the future with a seeing eye dog, you can razz me about this post - otherwise go with me on this

By the way, none of these cheap glasses have fallen apart. Not even the $1 pair.


Your Daughter said...

Good for you, dad. I've never had problems with lenses popping out. However, I'm a *NEW* glasses wearer compared to you, only having worn them the past 5 years. I bought a pair from the Dollar store once cause I liked the frames, but the lenses were just regular glass.

Remember that time we were playing baseball in grandpa's front yard and he pitched the ball and it hit Nick in the face and the only thing to fall out was that HUGE lense for his left(right?) eye? We never did find that damned lense. It was the thickness of one of those Sherlock Holmes Magnifying glasses.

Briblog Blog said...

I've had lenses so thick I could burn ants on the sidewalk. BTW: Look for your glasses to self destruct any moment.

Navin Johnson said...

Do you like the OPTIGRAB?

Anonymous said...