Monday, February 06, 2006


The game was lame. The commercials were lame. The TV production was lame. Jimmy Kimmel after the LAMEBOWL was lame. WHAT'S THE DEAL?

The game was lame. At least it wasn't a blowout. Both teams waaay to nervous to settle down and play well. Not until the third quarter did we see either team play well.

The commercials were lame. I told ya they would be. Both ABC and the NFL had to sign off on content before broadcast. This led to the most dismal year for Superbowl commercials yet. The problem isn't exclusively the fault of the network & the league. Media itself is partially responsible for the hype - that causes us to be underwhelmed. How could the commercials possibly meet the hype? Our expectations were set so high - that when they actually aired - most fell flat. Creativity is partly to blame too. I've been part of the media machine for over three decades - and I'll offer my services to any agency for a fraction of the commission you paid your Creative Dept. to come up with the FED-EX Caveman spot. I like Jay Mohr - but those Pepsi spots???? They actually sang, "Brown & Bubbly!" Budweiser. How about you show a person raising a bottle to their lips and drinking it? They can't. Did you know that? So not PC - there's a law.

The TV production was lame. ABC coverage is the worst. Al Michaels couldn't hold an audience for Monday Night Football. Madden is tired and not nearly as fun as he was at CBS all those years ago. The graphics & presentation were old hat too. Take a cue from FOX and innovate. Innovate something. Innovate anything. Just TRY something new - to show you can do it. And for the love of God - get those women off the sideline. Your blatant attempt to soothe a more female audience Sunday - just aggravated the men watching. The trade off wasn't worth it.

Jimmy Kimmel was lame too. Remember all the big premieres that debuted after Superbowls? ABC threw us Jimmy Kimmel. Now I'm getting mad. ABC - I'll give you the same deal I offered the ad agencies. How about just 15% of the salary you pay your executives - and I'll help you get the ship back on track?


Your Daughter said...

I didn't think the SuperBowl was lame...I mean, I wasn't rooting for anyone in particular, and a few of the commercials were "monsterously" lame...but overall, I wouldn't agree that it was lame.
And I didn't watch the whole Jimmy Kimmel show - but I liked the "unnecessary censorship" sketch. I know it wasn't original, but it was pretty funny.

Briblog Blog said...

OK, I didn't watch the entire Kimmel show - but how does that compare to NBC debuting "ER" or when CBS debuted "CSI." ABC had nothing to capitalize on with that huge audience.

"Monsterously Lame?" If you'd been in a focus group screening the commercials beforehand - you'd have said, "Lame-O!" You would! I know you! Would you spend #2.6 million for :30 seconds of "Monsterously Lame?" I didn't think so. Nice to see Pittsburgh win though.

Your Daughter said...

I didn't know what a code black was, but I watched "Grey's Anatomy" to find out...moderately lame though.
I used the made-up word "monsterously" to play off the EXTREMELY lame (and disturbing) Hummer H3 commercial. It just felt wrong. Robots and mutant creatures shouldn't have baby cars.

Disgusted .... said...

I have to agree with Brian -- I'm not a huge football fan but I do watch the SuperBowl every year (ok, mostly for the commercials) but this year was horrible! I made it was far as 30 minutes and gave up. Sorry but my DVD player had better choices for me this year.

It's a shame everything was watered down this year (Thanks Janet/Justin!)

And what was up with the Stones playing? Hello .. we're in Detroit! Home of Mowtown .. Could we have gotten any further away from what music should have really been played? The house would have been rocking alot better without them. Pass ........

Anonymous said...