Thursday, March 09, 2006

$10,000 bills are very very pretty

I like the looks of this. Found in a safe deposit box of a dead bank customer in Green Bay Wisconsin - a rare $10,000 bill. These haven't been circulated in 60 years. You don't have to think long to understand why. Do you want to run this through the laundry in your jeans? Do you want your dog to eat it? Do you want to pull into a McDonalds drive through with a $10,000 bill? Well, actually - that'd be fun. Do you want to accidentally tip your waitress with this? What was the point of this bill in the first place. In the 40's, $10,000 was almost 5 times the average annual income. This would be like a Half Million Dollar Bill today. These bills were used mainly by Banks to transfer large sums of money - both domestically & overseas. If they were stolen - they'd certainly be easy to track.

Maybe it's time for $10,000 bills again. Now that this image has hit the internet - they will come back. The bill will be printed on computer printers all around the world and passed to stooges at convenience stores. Just know, when Leroy hands ya a $10,000 bill for a 12 pack of Bud and a pack of Camels - it's a fake.

By the way, that's Salmon P. Chase up there - yep - the banker.