Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Claw" machine Danger!

If you ask me, there isn't a bigger rip-off than those "Claw" prize machines. You know. The big box full of stuffed animals - you put in 50 cents - and direct a little claw or bucket to drop into the prizes - if you snag one, you drop it in the chute. You've likely tried the "Claw" before - you just didn't experience the "prize chute." These things are virtually impossible to win. Why would you want to win anyway? All you're gonna get is a super cheap trinket of a toy. This logic and understanding of the "Claw" is that of a mature middle aged man. If I were 3 years old, I'd wanna play. I'd want everything in there. I'd want that stuff so badly - I might climb up inside the prize chute to see if I could get in the prize box.

Dateline: Yesterday. Godfathers Pizza in Austin Texas. 3 year old boy does just that. He opens the prize chute door and wiggles his little body into the machine. Who is this kid? Houdini?

Firefighters had to be called to rescue the kid. He's OK. When it was all over did he at least scam one toy? He was in there afterall. He could have put all the toys in the chute and passed them to his big sister. The Goofball kid went through all this and forgot to get a toy. As a matter of fact, no one present even thought to get the kid a toy. The Godfathers patrons were too busy snapping pictures of the kid trapped in the machine.

It could have been worse - much worse. He could have wanted a Coke.