Friday, March 03, 2006

News Flash! James Bonds New Car!

Remember the Aston Martin? Over the years I recall a Ferrarri & a BMW. Q always had a great car for Bond, complete with all the gadgets needed to blast his enemies. In 1971 Bond drove a Ford Mustang, but it was a rental car he got in Vegas. He once got away in a Fiat he borrowed from a farmer. He drove an AMC Hornet, another rental, in Live & Let Die. But, the cars furnished to him by the British Government were all high end. Q apparently had an unlimited budget when it came to cars for James. That's all over.

Casino Royale is the next Bond film. I won't even broach the Daniel Craig selection, but I will take issue with his car. The British Secret Service has issued it's top guy, a FORD. A Ford Mondeo. It looks like a Ford 500. It has the typical Q gadgets. It is a Ford. Not a Jaguar, a Bentley or Rolls. Not a Lamborghini or a Porsche. A Ford. "Have you driven a Ford lately?" "No. Not for 34 years - since Diamonds are Forever, and it was a rental." OK. Not to blast Fords. The Mondeo may get great mileage. It may have side impact air bags. It may be high ranked on the JD Powers customer satisfaction index. There's just nothing elegant, nothing suave, nothing mysterious, nothing sexy - about a Ford.
Why then did Q decide to go with a Ford? Maybe because at Ford - Quality is Job One! Nope. Ford paid $18 Million to the producers. (See previous product placement post.)

Next Bond movie, what will Bond drive? I suggest the 2007 Chevy Suburban. When the shit gets deep he can press the Onstar button.


Your Daughter said...

In your words, dad, "You're a scream". I love all of your posts.

CenILguy said...

OMG a Ford? Let's see, the last film we had a Jaguar .. and now a Ford. Did Parliment toss the budget in the Thames or something?

I don't recall reading about a Ford in the book.

Blonde Bond, no villian or girl until after filming began and now this. Oh yea, this will be the BEST one yet.

Anonymous said...