Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Joe vs. the Tornado

Why don't tornadoes watch Bill O'Reilly on FOXNEWS? It's a no spin zone.

What happened to the cow that was lifted into the air by the tornado?
Udder Disaster.

I crack myself up. Ugggh.

Two F2 tornados passed 500 yards north of my house Sunday night. My hometown of Springfield Illinois is pretty messed up. The twisters cut a swath about a half mile wide all across town. Trees are down, roofs are gone, businesses destroyed. Powers off to 12,000 customers still today - and it's Tuesday. Day to day life here will return to normal soon. I spoke with several residents who'd already cleaned their property of debris & placed tarps on their roof. I'm amazed how Central Illinois residents just jumped in and started "working the problem." The community is coming to the aid of itself. Residents here aren't waiting for Federal Aid. They're not waiting for FEMA to roll in. No one has asked for a $2000 Debit card. Damage is in the multi millions of dollars - yet, we're cool - because by and large - we're insured.

Let this be a quick lesson to anyone worldwide facing potential catastrophic property damage losses. Buy insurance. It's what we boring Illinois people do.

Too bad. I heard the Government gives away plasma TV's in situations like this. The truck hasn't made it here yet. I don't think they're coming.