Saturday, March 18, 2006

No Need to Thank anybody.

My Broadcasting Company, Midwest Family Broadcasting has been praised repeatedly this week for our efforts during Springfields' tornados. We had a plan, we put it into effect - and it worked. Staff was made aware of the impending emergency - literally hours - before anything happened. When it was clear we were in the eye - several staffers manned their posts.

The calls of praise are nice. The thanks and congratulations are well received - BUT - this is what we do. Most of the Springfield staff (especially the old guard) - realize our first mission is to inform the public. Matters of public safety always take precedence. Not one, but two 20 year broadcast veterans took charge on Sunday night. If you ask them - they'd tell you this is the very reason they chose broadcasting as a profession. It's the reason my generation got into radio. Do you think it's because we like to listen to music? Do you think we like all the contests we play on air? First & foremost - we want to matter. Sunday - we mattered. With all the distraction of The Sopranos season premiere & Desperate Housewives - with the Internet & Playstations going all at once, suddenly a whole population is squatting below ground level listening to local radio. TV was useless. Internet needs 110 volts. Radio needs 2 AA's. I know I'm speaking for my co-workers when I say - they purely enjoyed serving you. They look forward to serving you tomorrow too - on a better day - when you're not in the basement.

Radio is a part of the community - that sadly over the years has been taken for granted. For those of you who have the "What have you done for me lately?" mentality - many of you know now, we may have saved your life.

We'll do it again too - as long as the Antenna Towers stand.