Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pimpstars! Maybe I'm not the target market.

I thought mag wheels were cool. I thought chrome rims were all the rage. You've seen em. They get bigger, shiny-er & more expensive all the time. I've seen wheels that cost $1000 each. Now comes PIMPSTAR.

Pimpstar uses a computer program to transmit text & full color pictures to your wheels. Apparently you can do this as you drive. If you see a beautiful woman in the next car, you can flash your number on your wheels. She'll see it, take down the number, call you & throw herself at you - because you have the coolest wheels ever - PIMPSTARS!

When you pass a military vehicle, you can flash full color American flags on your wheels. The military personnel will shine with pride as they become mesmerized by your wheels.

You can sell advertising on your wheels. Coca Cola will no doubt pay you to flash their logo. You'll need your wheels to generate revenue because these babies cost $12,500 for four.

Great idea. I'm gonna get some and project the image of hubcaps onto my wheels.

Watch for Pimpstars where you live very soon - appearing on cars that aren't worth nearly as much as these wheels. That's the way it goes isn't it? $12,500 wheels, $2500 tires, $7000 stereo, $5000 video system - installed in a '95 Mitsubishi worth $1200.


Anonymous said...

fo' shizzle my nizzle

Anonymous said...

My son has a $6000 stereo in an 88 Olds.

88 Olds said...

My dad just showed me this. My cars not worth crap but i have a killer stereo.

Anonymous said...

picture rims

Anonymous said...

anybody who would buy these should not be allowed to own a car.


somebody said...