Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I broke my own Gas Grill rule.

I've owned several gas grills. Most recently I've owned the $199 job - that lasted 10 years then began to rust away. I loved that grill. So much so - that I refurbished it. I put in new burners & hoses. I cleaned & painted it. I even cleaned and re-stained the wood slats. I've resisted buying a new grill for one reason & one reason only. I didn't want a grill with side - burners. You know what I'm talkin' about. Side - burners magically appeared on gas grills about 10 years ago. It's as if the grill companies conducted some massive "grill study" and concluded Americans want side - burners. This American sees no need for side burners. Up until recently there has always been a model or two, that simply had shelves on the sides. These were the grills I eyed for future purchase. Often, I'd go to the home store and mingle with the men there admiring the grills. They're there you know. Men that have no intention of buying a grill right away, but are inexplicably drawn to the grill area. We look at the grills, discuss them among ourselves, and plot on how we'll talk our wives into buying one. After a while - we move to the mowers.

Over the weekend - my grill ship came in. I pulled the trigger on a new gas grill. Not just any grill. A CHARMGLOW gas grill. Those old enough immediately think of Monty Hall & Let's Make a Deal. I'd never seen a Charmglow grill in my life, until Monty gave one away almost every day on LMAD. The only name more prominent on LMAD was Dicker & Dicker of Beverly Hills. Jay Stewart, tell everyone what Brian just bought!
Right Monty! Don't let its low price deceive you - with three cast-iron burners, 45,000 BTUs, a 636 sq. in. cooking area, plus a 12,000 BTU side burner, there's no skimping on power or space! Includes one-touch electronic ignitor, non-stick porcelain grates and warming rack. Constructed of stainless steel and heavy die-cast aluminum! Propane tank not included.

I broke my own gas grill rule. I waited too long. Every grill now has a side - burner. You snooze, you lose - my gas grill lesson for today. At least there's only one side - burner. By the time I replace this grill - all grills will have two - maybe three - side burners.