Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Asteroid!!!! We mean it this time.

You have until 2102. May 4th precisely. That's when the asteroid is gonna hit. It's a doosey. 500 yards long and one billion tons. When it hits, it'll blast a crater 6 miles wide and 1/3 mile deep. It'll set everything on fire for 60 miles around. It'll strike Earth with a force equivalent to ALL the world's nukes.

Meet the end of the world - thanks to 2004 VD17. Scientists found her in November 2004 and set the "risk of collision" at 1 in 3000. Today they've revised the chance to 1 in 1000. Over 18 months the odds have increased dramatically. What will the odds be in 96 years? Sounds like we're screwed.

I'll be dead already. So will my kids and likely their kids. I'll be so emotionally removed - I don't really care what happens - but we should begin teaching our young how to dig holes. Really deep holes. Our only real hope is burrowing deep into the Earth and becoming Mole people.

Bruce Willis will be dead too. Is there any real alternative?