Friday, March 24, 2006

I am March Languid

I don't have March Madness. I've become March Languid. I don't care who wins. My teams are out. Well, don't care who wins might be too strong - I'm really really really really glad DUKE LOST! Wasn't that great? The CBS announcers spoke of Duke like they were NBA quality and showed L.S.U. little respect. The tones of their voices indicated they felt "it was just a matter of time" until Duke pulled away. Duke didn't and it feels good. I know many of you feel the same way. There's something about rooting for the underdog that's pure. It's American to cheer for the weak. We love toppling dynasties. We're hyped & media overdosed and when all the prognosticators can be exposed as phony know it alls - it's a beautiful thing. NCAA seeding is asinine. The 64 team selection itself is flawed. The one thing all the analysts in the world can't measure is - heart. It does the heart good to see Duke lose. They're the only team with it's coach doing Chevy commercials. Coach K - may be the only coach you know - and next week he'll be doing the same thing as you & I. Watching the games on CBS. Go ahead CBS. Fill the screen with statistics. Make them move and dance around the screen. Give your stats little sound effects when they pop up. Just know the number one team statistic during March Madness - is a stat they don't show. It's the "don't give a crap about what you think factor." L.S.U. was over 90% in their DGACAWYT factor Thursday night.