Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Advice for George W.

State of the Union tonight. George W. is getting ready. Rehearsing the speech. Over and over and over. Staffers are scripting where he'll take a breath. Where he'll pause for applause, how he'll stand at the podium - who'll he'll make eye contact with. When and how to raise & lower his voice for effect. This is how it goes - really. This speech might as well be directed by Steven Spielberg. Advice? Ya want advice?

I support George. I like him. I spent time in Texas. I like his Dad. I share his politics, BUT - George, lighten up! Our president looks strained as he "performs" his speeches. He doesn't look like he's enjoying it. Speak to me. Don't perform your script to me. Take a deep breath and for crying out loud - go off the script. Look in the camera and tell me what you want me to know. You're a smart guy. Undoubtedly you can carry on a conversation without a script. This is the George W. only his friends know. This is the real man. Show that side of yourself. More people will certainly believe what you say. It's just being real. Reagan was "The Great Communicator." Why? It wasn't his acting experience. It was his ability to say what he "felt" - not what he "felt he was supposed to say." This is the mistake politicians make - so George W. isn't alone. You guys look so uneasy and squirmy. You're more concerned with saying something that might upset someone - that saying anything real. Being real means making an emotional bond with those you're speaking to. Can you imagine the press tomorrow if tonight George W. didn't deliver the speech he'd already released to the media?" They have it you know. George W. - just look in the camera and speak from the heart in a normal tone how much you love this country & your plans for my future.

Won't happen.
The teleprompter has ruined America's bond with it's President.


joel said...

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Your Daughter said...

Wow Joel - way to miss the point of the post.

Briblog Blog said...

As speeches go - George's delivery was the best I've seen. It's the confidence that comes from being your fifth SOTU speech.

But, wouldn't you have loved the headlines if he'd told the Dems to bite his butt?? Many Americans would've loved it too.

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