Monday, January 02, 2006

Dick Clark go home.

Give it up Dick. You had a stroke. I mean this with the best of intentions. I am a fan. I met you and have a picture to prove it. That's Me & Dick at a gig in Dallas. You had a hell of a run. Local Philadelphia TV, to National TV and a production company. You looked good to the bitter end. You were the standard of handsome. What America witnessed New years Eve was sad at best. I imagine those close to you urged you to go on air. Your appearances, though brief - were painful to watch. It's not that you couldn't be understood. It's that you used to have such a beautiful voice. The voice is now slurred and strained. Maybe with rehab you can get it back - but in the meantime allow us to remember Dick Clark the way you were. Handsome, Strong & Smart. Smart. That's it. You are too smart to ever appear on television again - UNLESS it's in a NON HOSTING role. America is now left with this impression of an old Dick Clark - and my friend - that's impossible.