Thursday, January 05, 2006

TV Weather People Tease Me.

"Will we have a sunny day tomorrow? Find out tonight at 10!" "Will it snow tonight? Find out tonight at 10!" "Will the rain last all weekend? Find out tonight at 10!".

In the TV business this is called a "tease". The newsperson has about 5 seconds to promote something during the station ID. You've seen this before. "Will the Meteor strike close to home? Find out tonight at 10!" It's not just weather-people. Sometimes it's the news-anchor. "Local restaurant poisons 100 at lunchtime! Find out where, tonight at 10!" Geez. I ate lunch in a restaurant today. I feel kinda queasy. If I'm not dead at 10 - I'll watch.

Here's my point. These TV stations spend most of their promotion time telling me they are committed to news. "Local news comes first." "We are the News Leader!" "First, Fast & Accurate!" They are under the assumption their committment to news begins and ends during the course of their newscasts. Why not all day? Why not provide information every chance you get? Here's a better tease. "It'll rain all weekend. See ya tonight at 10!" "It's gonna snow 4 inches tonight. Details at 10!" "The comet will miss us, but will destroy Joliet. Pictures at 10!"

I've complained about this to anyone who'd listen for years. I'll call out one person in particular. The worst offender in my market is WCIA-TV 3 Champaign - and Judy Frasier in particular. She's professional & pleasant and doesn't "get it". Her promos are a complete waste of time. The whole staff at Channel 3 does this - and it's time they stop. One guy does "get it". I can't comment on his whole news department - but his "weather teases" are the real deal. Lee Davis at WAND TV 17 Decatur does it right. "It's gonna be 20 below tonight! Grab a blanket and see ya at 10!" He gives me information I can use - even if it's just 5 seconds at a time. Over the course of an evening - a news department could do a complete story!

For the love of God - TV people. Tell me something now. Stop promising me something in 3 or 4 hours.


Champaign Insider said...

This post got to the WCIA newsroom. Maybe they'll heed the advice.

Tommy Dennison said...

I live in Los Angeles. I heard them say once, "Will we have a beautiful weekend? Tune in at 11."
Duuuuh. It's beautiful here every weekend.

CenILguy said...

Similiar peeve is when they keep telling you "coming up ...." and its at the end of the broadcast ..

WICS seems to be the leader in THAT department.

Anonymous said...