Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How dare you make fun of his name

FUK KING KWOK. That was his name. For 38 years it suited him fine. Fuk King Kwok. I kinda like it. It rolls off the tongue. It's unique. It has character. Fuk King Kwok. Fuk is a Chinese immigrant who went to the Illinois Department of Transportation to get his drivers license. He stood in line. He was given his number. He watched for his number to come up over the door. He entered the room and sat down. He had his paperwork in order. He had identification, drivers test results, and cash. He fully expected to be given his drivers license without delay. Then the State Worker came to help him. She sat down across from Fuk, raised his application - and began to laugh. I'm sure the laughing went on for what seemed to Fuk - an eternity. The IDOT employee was amused with the name Fuk. She was probably named Sue, or something else excruciatingly average. Maybe she didn't notice Fuk was Chinese - where Fuk may be as widely accepted as Danny is here. Doesn't matter. She embarrassed Fuk. Never mind he pronounced it "Fook" - on the drivers license it'd say Fuk - and well, that was comedy to her. Fuk took the license anyway. He left the IDOT office, went home and called a lawyer. Sue the woman? Sue the State of Illinois? He might have a case. No. Fuk made arrangements to change his name. This morning the State of Illinois has a new resident. It says so on his new drivers license. Andy Kwok.