Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Howard's gonna shit - and not broadcast it.


I have it. This is when you take pleasure in seeing others in pain. Men have more Schadenfreude than women. Women become empathetic seeing others in pain. I have Schadenfreude - and I have it big time because of HOWARD STERN.

This "load" took his gig to Sirius radio because of restrictions from the F.C.C. "If only I didn't have the restrictions of the F.C.C. - this show would be the most successful of all time!" I've heard him say that. "I'm being dragged down by the F.C.C. - I am what the public wants! They want me un-censored!"

It hasn't even been a month, and Sirius has Howard on a digital delay. This means his show isn't live - and portions can be "dumped" at Sirius' whim. People within Sirius report papers are "being drawn up" setting "guidelines" for Howards show. This will be the "line which Howard is not to step over."


Sirius is a business after all. They want subscribers. They want press. They want GOOD PRESS. Sirius, as it turns out, is NOT the broadcast Heaven Howard thought it to be.


By the way, Does Howard truly believe in Satellite radio as a business? He took millions in stock as part of his multi million dollar deal. He's already made the moves to SELL IT. He apparently believes his stock is at it's high value - right now.


Super sawyer said...

Stern is technicaly still broadcasting on public FM because most satellite radios re broadcast to your car radio on FM and subject to FCC rules

Talks about stern still being picked up on FM recievers if your happen to be parked beside one at a stop light

ray d. oh said...

Howard Stern deals in relentlessly off-color humor, celebrates bodily secretions with a four-year-old's glee, and surrounds himself with a misfit cast of self-professed drunks, stutterers, retards, and angry dwarves. This may horrify those already inclined to believe the country has fallen, culturally speaking, so far that it can't get up, but: Yes. Howard Stern is a pioneer. Emphatically, yes. He's been fined for joking about masturbating to a picture of Aunt Jemima & for having a guest who played piano with his genitals.
I, for one, am glad he's off the FM airwaves.

Anonymous said...