Thursday, January 05, 2006

Haircut music

There I was. In the haircutting chair with the stylist poised over me with scissors. I don't have much hair, so typically haircuts don't take much time. Yesterday it took too long. Why? The early 20'ish stylists (there were two) were listening to a local radio station. It wasn't mine. It was the "number 1 hit music station". I know that because the DJ kept reminding me he was on "the number 1 hit music station". He told me over and over. I was trapped in the chair looking at myself in the mirror - never in doubt that it was the "number 1 hit music station" that was coming from the speakers. This is virtually all the DJ said. He shouted the weather at me once - at a pace that made it difficult to comprehend - and always told me the song he just played - or what he was going to play. This was the extent of his broadcast for my time spent listening. I didn't even catch his name. Maybe he told me - maybe not - but I'm sure it was right before he mentioned he was on the "number 1 hit music station". I began to wonder, how many hit music stations are there anyway? 10, 15, 20? I know the answer. 2. Of the 2 hit music stations in the area, he wanted to assure me he was on the "number 1 hit music station". I don't listen much to "the number 2 hit music station" - I guess I'm just drawn to winners. My opinion of the hairstylists is elevated because they chose the winning station. That's why they got 15 bucks to cut my hair. They'd only get 10 bucks if they played the "number 2 hit music station". Is it important what number a station is? I guess so. "The number 1 hit music station" qualified their claim though - as being number 1 among stations that played "hit music". They didn't say "the number one radio station". Why? I'm not sure. Guess they know they're not.