Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hmmmm, Power Chairs

You see them on TV. You see them at the grocery store. You see people lugging them from the rear of large vans or lowering them from giant side doors. Power chairs. I have romanticized them for a long time. How great it'd be to go anywhere I wanted to go, and stay seated. I could drive through the mall, making the crowds part for my seated butt. I have no disability mind you - just lazy. I'm almost lazy enough to consider becoming permanently seated. The only problem is, how would other people judge me? I'd drive up somewhere - drag out my powerchair - place myself in it - and drive off. Would they think less of me? Along the way people would assume I was unable to walk - they'd hardly notice. But, the people that saw me wrestle the chair in and out of the car would know. Some would think to themselves, "Hey, I saw him on TV last week and he was up walking around fine!" They'd be in a quandary. I'd be comfortably seated.
Now comes news the power chair companies want you to buy power chairs just for the fun of it. I bet pushing that joystick forward and shooting up to 10 mph - IS fun. They want you the public - not to judge ambulatory people in power chairs. Power chair manufacturers want you to accept people and their desire to be lazy. And that's what it is. Lazy. Super lazy.
I may end up having to use a power chair someday. That's when I'll get one - because I don't want to be judged - especially by the other person in the powerchair - who'd give anything to actually use their legs - the way I can right now.