Monday, January 23, 2006

We need a German Restaurant

Just saw statistical data on my cities population. I've lived in Springfield Illinois off & on for 35 years and had no idea nearly 27% of the population was of German descent. Germans? Illinois Germans? I knew we had Irish here. I've seen many Asians too. We have very few Hispanics - but this city is full of Mexican Restaurants.
It doesn't add up. Where are the German Restaurants? Isn't there a market for German food? Where does a population craving Sauerbraten go? Chicago has nearly 20 German Restaurants. Peoria even has one. Champaign has a German Hotel! Gruenkohl mit Pinkel, Pinkelwurst mit Kartoffeln, Bienenstich, Pinkelwurst mit Kartoffeln, Bavarian Speckknoedel, Kartoffelsalat, Man - I can almost taste it. Frikadellen, Fleischsalat, Eisbein,
Kochen & Geniessen, Olagstrasse, Kochbuch, Schweinhaxen , Spaetzle , Baumkuchen - How about a Fastnacht , Hackfleischtaschen , Anisekuchen and a side of Hasenpfeffer??

I think I just answered my own question as to why there are no German Restaurants here.

I thought we were talkin' about Sausage & Beer.