Monday, January 02, 2006

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

I am one of the ONE BILLION people on Earth crazy about coffee. Coffee. Just plain ole' coffee. Columbian mountain grown - Mrs Olsen - full flavored - caffeinated coffee. No nuts. No cremes. No mochas. I'm a cream & blue packet man. Oh man. Not just in the morning, but virtually all day. About the only time I don't have a coffee - is between 2pm & 6:30pm. This is after "work coffee" and before "home coffee". There is a distinct difference between work & home - coffee. Work coffee tastes like crap. Oh, I build up a tolerance to it. My work coffee is institutional coffee in little bags made with bad water. I know the waters' bad at work because the machine gunks up with all the corrosive stuff in it. If you pour a glass of water here - you can clearly see stuff floating in it. Might be bad pipes. Might be Riverton Illinois (water provider for my work coffee) has serious water issues. Maybe their giant city filter is "full". Nevertheless, this bad water, and our coffee - make for a pretty bad coffee experience. This phenomenon is exaggerated after vacations. I go back to "home coffee' for a week. The difference is startling. Should I die suddenly, and the authorities have no clues as to why I died - would you please steer them to my "work coffee". Surely, I'm gunking up my insides like my workplace coffeemaker.


Paulie said...

My work coffee smells like bad eggs. I now drink exclusively gas station coffee at work.

Your daughter said...

I can't even believe the difference between instant coffee and brewed coffee...holy smokes. I thought the coffee at work was okay until I came to your house once and had your delicious "Blended" Folgers. Man, that changed my life. To change things up a little though, Nick bought me a can of Maxwell House. It's not bad.

Anonymous said...