Tuesday, January 03, 2006

January means the "Resolution Diet"

What are we thinking? Collectively we've lost our minds. Turn on TV. You see it everywhere. A pill that burns fat. A shake that increases metabolism. A chair that works abs. A cookie that burns calories. A drink that causes you to lose 10 pounds in 2 hours. Ice Cream that leaps from the carton and puts you through a complete low impact workout. M & M's that can double as medicine balls. Hamburger barbells.

These products are everywhere - BECAUSE IT'S JANUARY. These companies know you resolved to drop some weight a couple of days ago. Their marketing campaigns are underway to cash in. And they will. We will spend millions and millions on this stuff. Videos, juicers, walkers, giant things with long rubber straps. Straps you attach to the bed - or the door - or the fridge - and remember - it stores away conveniently under a bed. Eat what you want and exercise just minutes a day and you can look like that fruitbasket 42 year old with the incredible abs. I want to look like that Tony Little guy with the long hair. All muscle - and the worst hair on television. I want a Gazelle. I want to take the super pill - and ride the super bike - drinking the super drink - while eating the calorie free pizza. I want to look in a mirror in just 8 weeks and look like Christie Brinkley. I won't of course, and neither will you - unless we stop EATING SO DAMN MUCH!


Tony Little/Clearwater Fl. said...

My three words for success in any endeavor are: conceive, believe, achieve. These can be your ticket to getting off the roller coaster of binge eating.
First, you must create a place in your mind where you see yourself in control of the food. Practice a couple times a day (notes on the mirror help) imagining yourself turning down a dessert and diverting your attention to a project. Juice or other beverages will help satisfy your sweet craving as you put a stack of photos in an album, sew up the torn-out seam in your almost-new pants or take an invigorating walk around the block. Having a list of little tasks is handy to give you a diversion. Of course, a workout is as good a diversion as any!
Next, and most importantly: you must believe you can do this. Believe with all your heart that you are the strong-willed person that you are. Make that big belief become your guiding light. If you fall off the wagon a few times, no big deal. You know that you can resist the bingeing, which doesn’t mean denying all high-fat, high-sugar treats—you’ve just got to diminish the proportion of them in your total food intake.
With vision and belief comes achievement. You can win this battle—don’t give up the fight. Once you’ve weaned yourself away from these foods, the cravings will lessen.

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