Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nascar makes dumbest move EVER!!!!!

Nascar announced yesterday that beginning next year TOYOTA CAMRYS will compete in the Nextel Cup Series. The uniquely American sport of stock car racing is being invaded by a foreign car manufacturer. This is a big mistake. Nascar clearly doesn't know WHO attends stock car races. Americans attend these races. The allure of stock car races in the first place - was being able to see the cars we had in our driveways compete on a track. Because of rules changes and safety concerns, those days are gone - the cars are now merely "shells" of the cars we actually own. But - they "resemble" the cars we own. Chevys, Pontiacs, Fords - recently Dodge, race every weekend. They are AMERICAN cars in every way. WHO attends Nascar races? These race fans are patriotic tax paying people, who drink beer and drive pick-up trucks. They tailgate and eat huge slabs of ribs. They arrive by the family, Dads, Grandpas, Cousins & Nephews. They believe in God, Country & Dale Earnhardt. They are blue collar. Many have either been - or still are - auto workers. They root for the Monte Carlos they helped build the Friday before. They've seen their jobs lost to the increase in Japanese car sales. I know this profile is stereotypical - but how far off am I - really? Cheer for a TOYOTA? Hell, those people bombed Pearl Harbor!!! Don't tell me, "Camrys are built in Kentucky!" Yes, they are, but the profits go to Tokyo. How is cheering for a Camry supporting America?

Nascar has blundered. The announcement is so fresh I have yet to hear any public feedback. In the next few days, we will, and I predict Nascar will come under assault. Nascar will stick to their guns and do it anyway. The fans will boo. The poor drivers of these cars will be frowned upon. I wouldn't put it past rabid fans - that they verbally abuse - if not actually physically assault Toyota drivers.
Nascar will then reconsider their position and announce in 2008 that "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea."

There is just one way for this TOYOTA CAMRY THING TO WORK. Dale Junior. "AND IN THE NUMBER 8 BUDWEISER TOYOTA CAMRY - DALE EARNHARDT JUNIOR!!!!!!" But Junior is a "Chevy Man" - and so is Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Michael Waltrip - and anyone worth a damn.


Anonymous said...

Let's call is JAPCAR instead of NASCAR. I'll enjoy seeing the Camry eat the wall.

Briblog Blog said...

Just found out MICHAEL WALTRIP will be a TOYOTA driver. Oh God.

Not Junior, but not bad.

The Commish said...

I couldn't believe the news when I heard it. Next, look for Tokyo to join Major league baseball.

Independent1 said...

With the global economy, if you think a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge is a wholly American made car, you're only fooling yourself. Assembling 1,000 foriegn-made parts in an american factory does not make an American car.

Likewise, if you thin Toyota is a wholly foriegn car, you're fooling yourself as well. Toyota has several manufacturing plants in America, and has brought a lot of jobs to America. Yeah, it's still a foriegn label, but oh well.

This really isn't that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...